10 Slam Poems Explaining why #notmypresident

We have all seen the protests, the news, the disgust, going around after the “election” of Donald Trump as president, which have done nothing to deter him and his administration from going against the majority of people, including constitutional rights and the court system. Unluckily, there are those out there who do not seem to comprehend why this is a bad idea for the “minorities” in the US. Hopefully these poems will show the experiences that those less privileged than us suffer through, and will continue to suffer through this racist, homophobic, sexist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, transphobic, et al administration from hell. 

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An Introduction to Slam Poetry

I have been listening to slam poetry for a few years now. The moment I listened, truly listened, to the first poem I was recommended by that YouTube feed, all I wanted to do was keep listening. I have to thank Roundhouse, Button Poetry, Write About Now and Youthspeaks, for being the main sources from which I get my daily dose of slam poems. 

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