10 Slam Poems Explaining why #notmypresident

We have all seen the protests, the news, the disgust, going around after the “election” of Donald Trump as president, which have done nothing to deter him and his administration from going against the majority of people, including constitutional rights and the court system. Unluckily, there are those out there who do not seem to comprehend why this is a bad idea for the “minorities” in the US. Hopefully these poems will show the experiences that those less privileged than us suffer through, and will continue to suffer through this racist, homophobic, sexist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, transphobic, et al administration from hell. 

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A Year in Reading | 2016

This year was not brilliant when it came to reading, in fact, it started as underwhelming as it could’ve been with the Little Black Classics. But there were a lot of good ones, here are the best. 

*Titles in blue have reviews.
*These are the things I read this year, they were not necessarily released in 2016. 

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Best Marvel Comics of 2016

Marvel hasn’t had the best year of comics ever, in fact, many if not most of their new releases were mediocre, (I am talking to you Civil War II), but quite a few gems slipped through. Here they are:

*Titles in blue have reviews.
*These are the things I read this year, they were not necessarily released in 2016.

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4 Reasons to See “Prometheus”

Upon my first viewing of Prometheus, I was underwhelmed. I expected an incredible prequel to Alien that would contain some of the amazing elements that made the film so enjoyable to me. But as the weeks passed I could not get the movie out of my mind, there was a lot that I felt I needed to discover. So I re-watched it, once, and then twice, and so on. I came to appreciate so many things in this film, all of which I know will make it a cult classic. 

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My Favourite Musicals

With the rise of Hamilton as one of the greatest musicals to have graced the earth, many people are starting to get into musicals as a medium to enjoy. And why not? It is an easy way to get a story out without having to read the works it is often based on or to sit down to read or watch something. It can mostly be listen to and the imagery is left to our own imagination. So for those of you who wish to know which musicals to listen to, here is a list of my favourites, and yes, Hamilton is number one on the list. 

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5 Reasons to See “Interstellar”

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about Interstellar. Everything from It takes forever to get to the “action”” to the minuscule details of an engineer having to explain things to another engineer, as well as my own complaint of the use of “love” as the main drive for many characters rather than the survival of the whole species. However, the film has a lot more wonderful things going for it than all the nitpick we, as humans, like to do.

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