10 Slam Poems Explaining why #notmypresident

We have all seen the protests, the news, the disgust, going around after the “election” of Donald Trump as president, which have done nothing to deter him and his administration from going against the majority of people, including constitutional rights and the court system. Unluckily, there are those out there who do not seem to comprehend why this is a bad idea for the “minorities” in the US. Hopefully these poems will show the experiences that those less privileged than us suffer through, and will continue to suffer through this racist, homophobic, sexist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, transphobic, et al administration from hell. 

They say “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”
So it must be the case that he who wrote history
Wanted a rendition, regurgitation, relapse of repeated mistakes
Cause all I see when I watch the news
are headlines that match
the chapter titles in my high school history text books…

These are the first words of the poem, a sad reality.  Fong Tran has written and performed quite a couple of eye opening poems, go visit him on his site and YouTube channel to learn more. 

It is still, for some people hard to grasp that there is unjustifiable violence against minorities, particularly black Americans, this poem is for them. 

If being “WOKE” were a poem.

Amir Safi has other fantastic poems about the immigrant and minority experience, all with punchlines as amazing as this one. 

Why am I always told sexism is over because we can vote? Because society has moved on? Listen, sexism is still here, ignoring it only increases the problem. 

No wall, no compliance, RESIST! Basically. 

Everything from TV to films, to books, to music, to everyday conversations. No, we are not SJW in a need for a cause, simply women and men that have experienced it and continue to experience it. 

Am I hitting you with too many BLM poems? Imagine how tired the movement must be of having to repeat the obvious. 

Our education system is broken, and will probably go down the hill with the idiot we now have as Secretary of Education. 

When a black man walks, think of it as a masterpiece, a beautiful song that you may only hear once. Cherish it. You may never hear it again.”


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