Most Anticipated Films of 2017

2017, don’t fail me now!!! 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Release date: May 5
After the awesomeness that was the first movie, which caught us by surprise, it is only fair that we give the second film as much love. Even their commercializing is true to the characters. 

Justice League
Release date: November 17
I am giving DC another chance. After the tragedy that was Suicide Squad, Man of Steel, and BvS, my hopes for a good DC Universe movie still shines strong. Please don’t ruin one of my favourite fictional teams. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Release date: July 7
Spider-Man might just finally be done justice! Yes, I like the original films, and I tolerated the second series, but this might just be the definite Spider-Man. 

Star Wars: Episode VIII
Release date: December 15
Anything with Star Wars in the title will be watched by me, I do not even care if it has to be that atrocious Christmas special. 

Power Rangers
Release date: March 24
I grew up watching the original series, and as a kid, they were the coolest thing in all existence. Kids that look in their early to mid twenties fighting against horrible costumed creatures that want to dominate Earth, with names such as Rita Repulsa? Sign me up!

Alien: Covenant
Release date: May 19
I saw Prometheus last year, and thoroughly enjoyed it, much more than many other fans of the franchise did, and this is the movie that will bridge both films together. Hopefully, we will get a slight explanation of what the hell has happened and where they were created. 

Blade Runner 2049
Release date: October 6
It has been a long while since I saw the first film, but I loved it, I have high hopes for this movie. 


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