A Year on Screen | 2016

This was the year of half and half, as in half the films I saw were great and the other half were trash. Here is a list of the ones that were not horrendous. 

*Titles in blue have reviews.
*These are the things I watched this year, they were not necessarily released in 2016.


 The Martian  directed by Ridley Scott was just as great as the book. The story of a man who is stuck on Mars, the people on Earth trying to get him back, and the crew making its way back home. 

Interstellar directed by Christopher Nolan and Prometheus directed by Ridley Scott are the sort of film that improve upon continued viewings, so give them a shot that way. 
Star Trek Beyond directed by Justin Lin did not dissapoint at all. While many seemed to not like it as much as the original, and complained about many, many things, I thought it improved on the Star Trek Universe.
Star Wars: Rogue One
directed by Gareth Edwards was great as well, not as good as The Force Awakens, but very good when it comes to giving us a gritty Star Wars Universe, filled with darkness and dirt. Pus, it had Diego Luna and Donnie Yen. 

Deadpool directed by Tim Miller was th ebig win for the sub-genre, showing that certain comic characters need to be rated R, and they will be faboulous. Perhaps one of the funniest movies released this year, even better than the supposed “comedies”. 
Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo made one of the best movies for one of the hardest characters to get right. I love both equally, and I cannot complain one bit.
X-Men: Days of Future Past directed by Bryan Singer  was on my list to see for a long time, but I didn’t get the push to see it until I re-read the comic in preparation for X-Men: Apocalypse. Sadly, that movie was a bust, but DOFP is one of the best movies in the entire franchise.

Dear White People directed by Justin Simien showed how true satire should be shown in a film relating to race, gender, sexuality, but with a definite focus on race. So much to analyze in this one movie. 5 Centimeters Per Second directed by Makoto Shinkai has been on my list since I read the manga, and the film was even better, please give it a watch. Zootopia directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore surprised me so much! Your Name, also directed by Makoto Shinkai

And lastly, horror, the one genre we have grown tired of made a comeback with the selection I saw this year, but two did stand out above the rest, The Conjuring 2 directed by James Wan and Shaun of the Dead directed by Edgar Wright. One is a conventional horror film, while the other was a horror comedy.

Do you have the same list? Or are there other great movies I did not see? Let me now!

Here are the films that almost made it to the list:
Independence Day directed by  Roland Emmerich
directed by Mike Flanagan
The Witch
directed by Robert Eggers
Don’t Breathe
 directed by Fede Alvarez 
Kubo and the Two Strings directed by Travis Knight 
directed by Lars von Trier
directed by Justin Kurzel


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