Best Marvel Comics of 2016

Marvel hasn’t had the best year of comics ever, in fact, many if not most of their new releases were mediocre, (I am talking to you Civil War II), but quite a few gems slipped through. Here they are:

*Titles in blue have reviews.
*These are the things I read this year, they were not necessarily released in 2016.

I should start with the best one: Ms MarvelThisyoung Muslim-Pakistani-American is one of the greatest things to have happend to comics in a long time, bringing generations of readers together, bonding over representation and good storytelling and characterization. 

Moon Knight is a fantastic start to a series I hope will not be cancelled. The dream-like art, alongside the incredible writing of Jeff Lemire gives me hope that more people will find in Moon Knight what I see, perhaps they might even think of him as Marvel’s Batman.

Black Widow  returns with more kick-butt amazing spy lady, who needs her own movie already, while Spider-Man got a new “rebirth” in Miles Morales, a Black-Hispanic teen who has much to learn and more to suffer. I hope the steady, and simply good, writing and art of the stories, carries on to future issues, and these two heroes get some of the recognition they deserve. 

Star Wars and Han Solo have been quite a joy to read. With the release of The Force Awakens, it was only a matter of time before I immersed myself in the world of Star Wars, with the new and thankfully smaller cannon. 

A-Force, All-New Wolverine, and Silk are fun introductions to new teams and cool new characters, but some tend to run dry after a while, (talking to you A-Force, you had a lot going for you until you ruined yourself. ) 

The Fallen was the one good thing I saw come out of Civil War II, and  Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra made me laugh, and wish this were a series, I would buy that. 

Are any of these on your top picks? Let me know!


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