4 Reasons to See “Prometheus”

Upon my first viewing of Prometheus, I was underwhelmed. I expected an incredible prequel to Alien that would contain some of the amazing elements that made the film so enjoyable to me. But as the weeks passed I could not get the movie out of my mind, there was a lot that I felt I needed to discover. So I re-watched it, once, and then twice, and so on. I came to appreciate so many things in this film, all of which I know will make it a cult classic. 

1-Cinematography and visual effects.  The movie is beautiful sight to behold. Every image is astounding, from the colours (or lack thereof) used, to the placing of the characters and props, to the simple shots of nature in the beginning. Dariusz Wolski (who did The Crow, Dark City, The Martian) did a fantastic job placing the camera in a way that made every scene meaningful, even if nothing said was. 

2-Score. Marc Streitenfeld did most of the work when it comes to composing such a fantastic soundtrack, while two of the songs were done by Harry Gregson-Williams, and all was conducted by Ben Foster. I know many people don’t see scores as a vital piece of film, but I must disagree. Music can help make certain scenes memorable, particularly in comparison to other films in the same genre. Think about it, we can all almost hum the theme song from Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings. This one is of course not as great as those, nor to Hans Zimmer, but it is quite close. 

3-The mythos and themes. I am sure that after seeing the original series, we were all astounded by the stories behind that were not told, from where they come from, to why they are that way, to basically everything our minds could create. It also adds the myth of the Titan Prometheus, which made a lot of sense.  This one doesn’t give us many explanations, but it does open the path for the next film to do so. It is also surrounded with astounding themes, from Frankenstein to Paradise Lost, as well as AI. 

4-The characters. Aside from the imbecile ones that we all hate and are glad that they met the end they did, the others are compelling. Idris Elba’s character was quite compelling, mostly when it came to the last scene. Noomi Rapace and her characters quest for her creators and the why they did what they did, was fantastic. Michael Fassbender’ android David, who might give us more than we are led to believe, intrigued me. I wanted to know more from all of them, hopefully the sequel will give us some background for some of them. 

“Final report of the vessel Prometheus. The ship and her entire crew are gone. If you’re receiving this transmission, make no attempt to come to its point of origin. There is only death here now, and I’m leaving it behind. It is New Year’s Day, the year of our Lord, 2094. My name is Elizabeth Shaw, the last survivor of the Prometheus. And I am still searching.”


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