5 Reasons to See “Interstellar”

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about Interstellar. Everything from It takes forever to get to the “action”” to the minuscule details of an engineer having to explain things to another engineer, as well as my own complaint of the use of “love” as the main drive for many characters rather than the survival of the whole species. However, the film has a lot more wonderful things going for it than all the nitpick we, as humans, like to do.

Here are my top fiver reasons why, after seeing the film for the first time, I kept coming back for more. 

1- Half of the main characters are women, in STEM fields. Much like The Martian, this movie has many intelligent characters that use their scientific knowledge to advance society, the main two, and the actual reasons humanity might be saved, being a woman. I am also a woman in a science field, and even as I haven’t experienced any sexism at the moment, I’ve heard enough stories to last me a lifetime of cases in which it is very present. For young girls and women out there, seeing women as such driving forces is an encouragement that leads to followed footsteps. 

2- The score. I have heard that there are people out there that do not consider the music used in film to attribute anything to the story. While this might somehow be true of many Marvel films, where music is simply background noise, movies like Interstellar, Harry Potter, Back to the Future, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, all have memorable songs that take us back to when we first saw the film, or towards our favourite characters, or simply relax us. These are the scores and soundtracks that are specifically made for the movie, they carry the tone, characteristics, and mystery of the film, lie no other music could. Hans Zimmer composed brilliant music, a masterpiece for future composer to look up to. 

3- The cinematography. Many of you might know Hoyte van Hoytema for his work on Her, a film I’ve sadly yet to see,and Spectre but I know him for the wonderful presentation of space he gave us of his work on this movie, and his other masterful work, Let the Right One In. Every image, whether it is set in the boring and dust-covered fields, or in the middle of a black part of space, capture our attention, and new details flow through the screen to meet our greedy eyes. It is truly beautiful to behold.  

4- Accuracy when it comes to Einsteins Theory of Relativity and wormholes. This is sort of a grey are for me, although I’ve studied the theories, I am no expert. From what I know, it seemed wonderfully accurate, but it wasn’t until I saw Neil Degrasse Tyson discuss it with Bill Nye that it became clear that it was very accurate. Again, like The Martian, it was refreshing to see it explained rather than having “magic” as the excuse for why it happens, mostly.

5- The scene where they have stored messages, and the one in which the ship must attach back to the station. The most heart-wrenching scene in the entire film and the most exciting one. All the emotion a human would feel in such situations are wonderfully acted by the characters involved. that is all one can say without spoilers.

Have you see the film? What do you think? Have you re-watched since the first time?  What’s your favourite part? Least favourite? 


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