Some of My Favourite Horror Films

I love scary movies! Well, I love scary movies that play with my brain, make me question everything, surprise me with actual scary scenes, and have ominous music that sets a dark tone instead of simply having something jump out whenever the music does.

Here’s a list of five films that had me grabbing my seat in fear, while also questioning humanity by the end. Oh, the rush!

Frankenstein (1931)
I always thought this movie would be perfect as a silent film, as it would fit the characters more than some of the dialogue put into this adaptation. However, as far as adaptations of Mary Shelley’s masterpiece, this is one of the best ones. Yes, it will never hold the brilliance her novel does, it will never show the magnificent dialogue, the view of the duality of man, and it will certainly never show the deep dynamics between the Monster and his creator, but it is a close one. 

Nosferatu (1922)
This one is a silent film, but it is magnificent with Max Schreck’s portrayal of a version of Dracula called 
Count Orlok. Instead of it being a vampire like Bram Stoker’s character, we have another creature resembling that adaptation, but with a different origin story and plot, which just so happens to be as great. And in the end, much like the original version, the men talk about doing things, and the lady has to finish it. 

Let The Right One In (2008)
I know this is the second vampire movie on the list, and I promise it is the last one; but when it comes to an amazing story that will frighten you, and at the same time, make you question why certain people are who they are, and their desires, this is that movie. It follows a bullied child who becomes friends with his new neighbour, a girl who just happens to be a vampire, and whose thirst for blood might have finally found a match. Please watch this one with subtitles, it is much better than the other versions, and even though the English one was good, this version is fantastic. 

The Shining (1980)
This family drama-turned-total horror follows a writer who spends time with his wife and child by becoming the caretaker of a hotel, which soon turns out to be a massive home for ghosts. Various events start changing the writer and his relationship with his family, and the slow buildup to family issues soon becomes running-for-your-life kind of scary. I love it. 

The Exorcist (1973)
What list would be complete without one of the original child-possessed films that revived the genre? Not this one, therefore here it is. A girl is possessed, people are called in to help her, and it does not always go as planned. It is scary, it has good practical effects, and it does not rely on the gory to be center, it still has a story to tell and it lets you know. 

Honourable Mentions:

The Witch (2015): Great acting, great dialogue, more a period piece, but a great mystery.

Oculus (2013): Even though the ending was not what I wanted, this movie will play with your mind, until we are left wondering who is right and who was wrong, and how this leads to their end. 

The Conjuring (2013-2016): Good characters, acting in a beautiful movie, that manages to keep the viewer interested aside from having inane plots. 


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