5 Limited Comic Books Everyone Should Read | Recommendations

After my post 5 Comic Book Series Everyone Should Read, I wanted to do a similar post, but this time recommending limited series. These are series that have a standard set of issues to be released, the amount is determined before production (although one here was given that status after the author decided to conclude the series earlier than he had set), and are usually, awesome, because the story doesn’t feel drawn out. Please enjoy all of these!

The Spire
Story by:  Simon Spurrier
Art by: 
Jeff Stokely 
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
My Review of issues #1-4 and #5-8.
I came across this series by simply browsing on Comixology, where they had a sale for the issues that were out already. I bought the first one, and immediately after finishing it, I went and bought the other ones and subscribed to the series. This is something I do not tend to do, I usually wait and buy the issues every month, but with this one, I only wanted to keep reading to see where the story progressed.  It is the story of a city named The Spire, where different species live ruled and “tolerated” by the humans. These species are hybridized humans with plant or animal characteristics, Shå is the captain of the city’s police, and a member of this group. Its is up to her to investigate a series of murders of aristocrats, while not knowing exactly what she is. The art is very good, particularly the single panels, and even though it was what originally attracted me to the tale, is was the metaphors for 
 xenophobia, racism, and classicism, that plague it, the reason I wanted to continue. There is much to be said about society today by simply reading this comic, from the treatment of the “sculpted” to the way the castle is structured. It should be essential reading, particularity after all that is currently going around the world. 

Rachel Rising
Story by:  Terry Moore
Art by: 
Terry  Moore
Publisher: Abstract Studio
My Review of Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
Series Review
This black and white comic follows Rachel, who at the beginning of the story, claws her way out of the dirt with no recollection of what happened to her to be buried under the earth with a rope mark around her neck. Soon, she finds herself trapped between witchcraft, plagues,  demons, a murdering child, and more undead friends as she continues to struggle to get the answers to her questions. Terry Moore surprised me with how good this series actually is, I had read his take on Runaways before, and was not too impressed, but this, this he can do brilliantly. I recommend this over any “paranormal” book out there that leans more towards romance than an actual story of the supernatural.

V for Vendetta
Story by:  Alan Moore
Art by: 
David Lloyd
Publisher: DC Comics
This will not be the only Alan Moore on the list. How can it be? He is too good! I will assume that at least most of us are familiar with the film and the phrase “Remember, Remember, the fifth of November…” It is a staple of culture nowadays. This comic follows V, a lunatic or revolutionary
, depending on who you ask, as he tries to take down the government that tortured him, and many, many others, and try to bring a form of revolution into this totalitarian government, while taking in a young uneducated girl, whom he tries to pass his message unto. The ending will leave you wondering if you just sympathized with a terrorist, and the standing of a comic like this in the time we are living in. You’re welcome!


Alex + Ada
Story by:  Jonathan Luna
Art by: 
Sarah Vaughn
Publisher: Image
This is the story of a lonely man and an android gifted to him by his grandmother, a basic AI story that includes love, running away, and overriding codes. It does show wonderfully how both characters complement each other, and how happy endings don’t always happen immediately. Love takes time, happiness takes time, understanding takes time, and somewhere along the lines, people are going to try to ruin this for you, and you will have to fight them through direct dialogue, or usually, a punch or two. It is a very fast paced comic, and the art is not the most beautiful, but together they will most likely make you weep a bit. 

Story by:  Alan Moore
Art by: 
Dave Gibbons
DC Comics
I said Alan Moore would show up again on this list, and he did, with one of his other masterpieces. It is often described as the chronicled fall of superheroes due to normal human failings, and it is a rather concise way to explain what the hell is going on in this book. It is also read widely at universities, and yet, I had to read some other boring stuff and never this brilliant piece of work. Do yourself a favour and check it out, these are superheroes trying to revive themselves after superheroes are no longer allowed to operate, it is as cool as it will get. 

What other limited series do you love? Leave a recommendation below!


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