Ms Marvel: Super Famous | Comic Review

Ms Marvel Volume 5: Super Famous
Written by
 G Willow Wilson

Art and Colours by Adrian Alphona, Takeshi Miyazawa, Nico Leon, Ian Herring
Publisher: Marvel
My review of first four volumes

So, Kamala is an Avenger, and knowing her, we all know she loves it. But it is not all it is cracked up to be, especially since she is only a teenager, and in between hero-ing, homework, and school projects, she barely has any time for friends and family. Wish is why she does not know all that is going on around her, including Bruno’s girlfriend and why there is a company using her image to buy-out Jersey City. Poor Kamala, she just wants to fight a giant amphibian and go to sleep.

The series continues from where we left off, sort of. Eight months have passed since the Secret Wars event, and luckily, it did not affect life for Jersey City residents much. This is something I am super glad for, just because there is an event, it does not mean that all aspects of an individual must change, otherwise the reasons why we began reading in the first place will be replaced with nonsense. Because of this, the series is just as approachable as it was when it first started, only a couple details need to be known in order to read this volume, and I would not say they are very necessary. G. Willow Wilson managed to continue the series without making it difficult for new readers to enjoy and understand, this is often hard for writers to do without messing something up. So, fantastic job there. 

“She’s a very nice girl, Bruno…but when are you gonna tell her  you in love with little Kamala since the second grade?

Now, let us get something out, I love Kamala and Bruno. Like, like like them together. I understand that Bruno and Kamala’s relationship revolves mostly around friendship, even though both of them have deep romantic feelings for each other, and for the first couple volumes I was completely fine with it (I still am), but that does not mean I do not have hopes for their relationship to become more than mere childhood friends. I also understand why there’s this assumption they cannot be together, including Aamir’s reasons and Kamala’s speech at the end of volume four. However, those do not mean they cannot have a future romance, and I will patiently wait for it, after all, such a romance happens in real life. And no, it is not a romance story, there is romance involved, but it is mostly about reconnecting with friends and making new ones. 

“Being super-famous is turning out completely differently from what I imagined. What Ms. Marvel represents has gotten way bigger than what I am. I need more than just a cape and a mask. What I really need, now more than ever… is friends.”

My favourite thing is that Kamala still has the issues she had before becoming a superhero, simply having powers for a year did not change who she is and the struggles she has to go through. Even though she might not be the one experiencing some dilemma, someone in her family or a friend, is, and they all find a way to handle it so it does not crush them, while also knowing when to get help.

 One of the best and most important scene in the volume deals with a wedding, and how race and culture can be an influence on, not only those being wed, but people around them. It is done fantastically well, including a small “freak-out” scene in which the groom freaks out over a thing that might surface in the future, but in the end he is not one of those people with prejudices. 

The art is as great as ever, except now it is more vibrant. I am not sure if it is the change in style or Herring’s colouring, but everything looks more alive. The previous volumes, although light, also had deep and intricate plots, which were usually shown in a darker setting. This “re-birth” of the series has only begun, and it has not had enough time to go into darker plots, it is lighthearted and happy, and it makes my eyes jump from page to page with wonder. I love it.

To conclude, I love Kamala, and Wilson, and all of the artists and the colourist, and the plot, and Bruno, and Aamir, and whatever else they decide to throw into the mix. Let us just hopes Civil War II does not ruin the calmness and awesomeness. 



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