DC Rebirth: So Good It Hurts| Review + What I’m Excited For

What can I say without spoiling anything? Well, after this, I am definitely re-reading Watchmen.

I am extremely glad that this is not a reboot. Instead we have been told and shown that the continuity was not erased with The New 52, but that 10 years of the lives of the characters were erased, but the stories are still there, it has just been altered. But by whom? Or what? Wally West knows of this, but he does not know the culprit, so he is trying to remain in this plane in order to alert his old friends before the Speed Force fully takes him forever. He is trying to get anyone he hopes will remember him to do so, that way he will have time to warn them, but not even his wife remembers him. Of course, he will end up alerting someone, but it is fun to see how he narrates until the one person remembers him. This scene brought tears to my eyes, it was a similar effect I had to the death of Barry Allen. 

Basically, this is a story of friends trapped in time and space, and there is no guarantee that they will come back, but they just might (which I am hoping for). A story of loves long lost that might make a reappearance (I am looking at you Green Arrow + Black Canary), of friendships that were weakened through the years being gone, that will hopefully be established once more. 

This event will not erase the more modern characters that have been brought up with New 52, nor will it take any of the older characters, but we will see a merge of the best of both worlds. Luckily for us, the new characters are diverse in sexuality and race, and they might just be taking very powerful mantles. They might not be treated as second fiddle anymore, but might have their own spotlight (looking at you, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz).

This did what it set out to do. It somehow managed to semi-fix the continuity and plot holes created by New 52, and it hyped me up for the new series to come. I just want to know who used the memory erasing to weaken friendships, and why. And when are they/it coming to “finish” the deed. GOOD JOB GEOFF JOHNS AND CREW, GOOD JOB!!!

What is coming out of this event I am excited to read:

  • Batman written by Tom King and art by David Finch and Matt Banning. After the Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo run, these guys have big shoes to fill, I might not pick up the issue immediately after it comes out, but after a few people I trust have commented on it. 
  • Detective Comics written by James Tynion IV and art by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira. I am not a big fan of this, in fact, I cannot remember ever reading a single issue of this, but I’ve heard it will include almost every member of the Bat Family, and that a training might be done by the older family to the newer family. I am excited to see Batman, Batwoman, Batgirl, the Robins, maybe Nightwing, together, training, destroying, saving.
  • Aquaman written by Dan Abnett art by Brad Walker and Drew Hennessey, which I was not as excited as before since he is not one of my favourite characters, but the synopsis for this has to do with the king maybe bringing Atlantis out of the waters and making it into a big player of the global community. This I want to read, those Atlantians are sometimes crazy, add human-land crazy, and it might just be explosive. 
  • The Flash by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico will bring a new speedster, plus I want to see the repercussion of Rebirth on his chracter. 
  • Green Lanterns, the Simon Baz/Jessica Cruz  cut, by Sam Humphries, Robson Rocha, and Ardian Syaf, those two characters are quite interesting, and is nice to be slighly represented with a mix of both of them. Plus Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps by Rob Venditti, Ethan Van Sciver, and Rafa Sandoval, Hal Jordan is simply the best Green Lantern that ever was and probably ever will be.
  • Green Arrow by Benjamin Percy and Otto Schmidt, will hopefully get a break after the disaster some of the previous volumes (excluding Jeff Lemire run) were, finally, probably, seeing the reunion of one amazing OTP. 
  • Titans will come with Dan Abnett and Brett Booth, with a team of Wally West, Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Arsenal and Garth; this is one of my favourite teams, if they screw this up again, I am going to loose my mind. We are also getting Teen Titans by Ben Percy and Jonboy Meyers, with a focus on  Damian Wayne as Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Wally West as Kid Flash. I know that much of what happened in the previous series will not be hinted at, but much like my previous Green Arrow OTP, a relationship better be shown between Beast Boy and Raven. Plus, I don’t have time for another disaster of this series after the past couple hideous books. 
  • Nightwing by Tim Seeley and Javi Fernandez and Marcus To. He is back in blue!
  • Batgirl by Hope Larson and Rafael Albuquerque. Hopefully they will never make her hipster again, and will bring her closer to her Gail Simone run. 
  • Justice League by Bryan Hitch and Tony Daniel featuring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg and the Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. If it is as equally good as the previous run by Geoff Johns, it will be an adequate enough book. 

I will consider this book a sequel to Flashpoint. But if you have not read that, and have no desire to read it, here is the main things you need to know before reading this piece of awesome: (spoilers for some stuff before this event)

  •  Wally West has been lost in the Speed Force since Flashpoint, and in this comic he is trying to warn others of what he knows before he gets completely erased. 
  • Green Arrow and Black Cannary cannot remember each other, in fact they have not “met,” even though in the olden days, they were married. 
  • Justice Society of America had been somehow erased from the universe, and the Legion of Super-heroes might make a return. 
  • Darkseid was “killed,” but not really. 
  • The Justice League last issues revealed Joker is actually three different people from three different famous eras.
  • Superman is dead, sort of, there are more than one Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El.



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