Descender: Robots, Watercolours, and Space | Comic Review

Descender Vol. 1

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Dustin Nguyen
Publisher: Image

Descender tells the story of a robot kid named Tim-21, his creator, and the crew that is sent to find him after he wakes up from a dormant 10-year long sleep. In this world, robots have sort of been outlawed during Tim’s sleep, since during those ten years, every planet of the galaxy was confronted by a giant-planet sized-robot, who attacked and then, as quickly as they came, disappeared. This created a big distrust between robots and humans, which led to their eradication, and an even bigger rift between the different planet’s ruling governments, which were already not on the best terms. Therefore, everyone wants a piece of Tim, they want to know what he knows, who he is, and why he is so darn important to the mystery of the giant attackers. Plus, it is blurbed by Brian K. Vaughan. 

As always, Jeff Lemire manages to bring forth a wonderful story that keeps all entertained. In the past year he has brought forth Plutona, a comic about a superhero and the kids who find her body, All-New Hawkeye, a follow up to the best rendition the character ever got with Matt Fraction, Green Arrow, whom he saved after a disastrous run by other writers, Moon Knight, whose first issue was brilliant, all without including the masterpieces he has published throughout his career.( Which I will write here too because it is a recommendation of his awesome skills as a writer and artist: Lost Dogs, Animal Man, Essex County, all which I’ve read and loved +Trillium and The Underwater Welder, which I haven’t but are on my list because I know I will love them.) So it was no surprise this was going  to be a hit, it even has been motioned to become a film by Sony Productions, which I am extremely excited for.  

It is a series that will end at around 40 issues, and here we get a glimpse of the prelude to the story, it is an obvious beginning to a series, setting up the nice and trusting kid character, the robots willing to help him at all costs, the creator that send him to his family, the daughter and officer that is sent to rescue him and her companion, the evil villains that hold grudges and want to conquer the world, and the mystery of a maybe robot-controlled planet. I am ready to see these characters grow in a proper Lemire fashion. 

The art is by far the best thing. Dustin Nguyen’s art is watercolours, and that is hard to do right when it comes to comics. We are shown a contrast between dark and light, with extensive pastel tones, and it is simply, a delight. I wanted to have some of his panels hanging from my wall, the mixture of eye popping colours and  white/light make for a visual experience. 

A wonderful thing done in one of the issues was using each side of the page to tell a different story. The pages to the left are depicting what is currently happening to the main character, Tim 21, while the right side is recounting the memories Tim 21 has of his creation and life with his family in the outpost colony. 

Anyways, what I knew was going to happen happened. Lemire procured an absorbing story that led me to pre-order the second volume, and Nguyen’s art gave me wonderful dreams. I hope everyone gets the same feeling as I did, it is a truly wonderful work of science-fiction. 



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