5 Comic Book Series Everyone Should Read | Recommendations

Throughout most of my life as a comic book reader, the stories I’ve read usually jump between Marvel and DC superheroes. I love Batman and his dark need to protect the city without slaughtering people. I love Superman and his trial to deal with his people’s extinction, or not. I love the mutants fighting for equality, and the Inhumans inner struggles between being the oppressor and the oppressed. And The Justice League’s constant struggles to keep an ungrateful Earth safe. But after a while of many mediocre other superhero tales, comics and graphic novels involving real people or new characters is as refreshing as a lemonade on a hot and sunny day. These are some of those stories, and a superhero one, because it has to be there. 


Rat Queens
Story by:  Kurtis J. Wiebe.
Art by: Roc Upchurch.
Publisher: Image
My Review of Vol 1 and Vol 2.
This series follows the adventures of the Rat Queens, a group of ladies that will do any job for the right price. These
Dungeons and Dragons-looking women are foul-mouthed and strong, but also have issues to deal with, secret identities, romances lost,Cthulhu-loving religious cults, traditions abandoned, and much, much more. The best things in this comic series is the witty dialogue, which allow for hilarious scenes; the amazing art, which not only makes you stare at the characters in awe, but also provides beautiful flow from action scene to the next; and the consecutive character development, instead of a simple character arc where the people reach a developing point, this one keeps giving it to you. The third volume is coming out soon and I’ve already pre-ordered it, it is too much to have to wait for their brilliant tales to come out, particularly with the cliff-hanger that ended the second volume. 


Story by: Brian K. Vaughan.
Art by: 
Fiona Staples.
Publisher: Image
My Review of series so far.
I am quite sure we have all heard of this series at least once, or most likely have already read it, but the list would not be complete if I did not add it. This story follows and intergalactic war of different species, two members of the main fighting ones are together and have a baby, no one likes that, so they start tracking them down for reasons that are still unclear no matter how much we can assume. The art is wonderful, the story is wonderful, the characters are wonderful, everything about this is wonderful. (except volume 4, that one is not wonderful) I’ve already pre-ordered the 6th volume, my heart cannot wait to see if they can manage to piece my heart back together. 


Story by: Brian K. Vaughan.
Art by:
Adrian Alphona.
Publisher: Marvel
This one I have not seen in post similar to this one at all. Why not? It is written by the same guy that does Saga and Y: The Last Man, everyone should be fawning over how perfect it is, like I do. Plus some of the characters from here are part of the A-Force team, and are presented in the Civil War storyline! Anyways, the series follows six kids (more later) who discovered their parents are part of a crime organization known as The Pride. They also discovered that they inherited powers from their parents, and decided to use them to fight them and other villains as a form to atone for the crimes committed by their parents, this of course, has various consequences. I highly recommend this series, particularly the first two Deluxe editions, those are perfect self-contained stories. KID SUPERHEORES PEOPLE! KID SUPERHEROES!


Story by: John Layman.
Art by: 
Rob Guillory.
Publisher: Image
This is a series that follows a guy that can see what happened to everything he eats, and he is also a detective working for the FDA, therefore, he can taste dead people to see what happened before they died. Disgusting right? But also brilliant. The story takes place a few years in the future, and chicken has been banned because of some bird flu that we don’t know why it happened and the FDA is cracking down on violators, but there is more going on than just that.  It is also a limited series ending on issue #60, and we are almost there, so anyone starting now won’t have to wait so long to read all of the volumes in this amazing series that has some of the best and most hilarious characters ever, as well as some clever ideas that are extremely bizarre. 


The Sandman
Story by: Neil Gaiman. 
Art by:
Publisher: Vertigo
Neil Gaiman is one of the best writers out there, but I had not known he had taken on The Sandman until a couple years ago, where I saw that his take on the character, alongside Alan Moore’s take on Swamp Thing, had overtaken the industry leaving behind many fans. Then I read it and became one of those fans. Remember how Sandman was a sweet old thing that did not speak and was kind and shinny in Rise of the Guardians? He is nothing like that here. Gaiman takes a very dark tone with this character, bringing his other identities, mostly as Morpheus, to give him/her/it all of the darkness it needed during the era of comics it was written in. This one might be a more acquired taste than for everyone, the grittiness and odd art does not seem to be loved by all. 

These are only some of my favourites out of many favourites, I love to read them over and over again. What are some of your favourite comic series you think I should read?


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