Rachel Rising, Daredevil, Sylvania | Comic Review

★★★★/★★★★★: Rachel Rising, Volume 2: Fear No Malus by Terry Moore. 

My review of volume 1.

I find myself enjoying this series more issue by issue. Whenever I buy a volume, I finish it in less than an hour, and then find myself wondering if I should buy all of the volumes in one go. Luckily, my knowing that then I would have no more of this series to read stops me.

This series follows Rachel, after she digs her way out of a mass grave, as she encounters witches, and demons, and much like her, an undead Jet. It is also the story of a 10-year old serial killer of sorts, and a town with a dark past, and a woman bent on revenge, and a bunch of other unanswered questions. If this does not sound appealing to you, then I do not know what will.  

Here we uncover much of the questions posed on the first volume, more questions were of course formed, but at least I was sated in my curiosity over the previous events. This, although a positive for me, seemed to be a negative for quite a few people. New questions I know have: Aside from what we’ve been told, what exactly is Rachel? What truly happened all those years ago? What is Malus’ plan? Why is he taking so long to complete his promise to Lilith? Is Jet Mary Scott? Why does Hannah(dead wife) do what she does? I do not know, but hopefully next volume will tell.

The art remains at par with the other issues, all black and white, and realistic human portrayals. Even if it does not contain the colour I usually adore in comic books and graphic novels, his art is quickly becoming a favourite.  

★★★★/★★★★★: Daredevil: End of Days by David Mack, Brian Michael Bendis, Klaus Janson, Alex Maleev, and Bill Sienkiewicz. 

And for all the good Matt Murdock has done these people…All the lives he’s saved…All that he gave of himself…End of the day…Hell’s Kitchen just stood there and watched him die.

The time has come, Matt Murdock is dead. Not a spoiler, he dies at the beginning, and it is basically in the title. After Daredevil publicly murders the Kingpin, after claiming he no longer has the patience, he gets beaten in a long battle by Bullseye, and says his last word, “Mapone”. The entire story is told through the perspective of Ben Urich, as he tries to figure out what Daredevil’s last word meant, by going through his lovers, friends, and enemies. Here we see visits from Nick Fury, Elektra, Peter Parker, Purple Man, the Punisher, basically everyone that ever had an impact in his universe without being an Avenger or an ultra-world-wide-superhero. It was a quick but well-developed story, presenting a darker view of the beloved hero, told through the perspective of the man that reported on him for so long, and kept his identity secret. 

Although I was a bit disappointment with the reveal of the word’s meaning, this comic, is one of the best story-lines for Daredevil I’ve read, and I think the new Daredevil will do a good job, particularly with his new teacher. 

Just so you know, the end of the story is the definition of “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

★★★/★★★★★: Sylvania #1,2 by  Kristin Kemper. 

This comic is also available as a free webcomic over here.

This is the story of three sister tree witches, as they learn to use their powers, while coming across bird witches and other kinds, while also embarking in adventures beyond their known borders. Yes, the borders include out of space apparently.

I particularly like that the three main characters are POC. Yes, their skin tone is darker than the usual heroine portrayed in mainstream media, and since I am counting this as a kid’s comic, it is nice for them to have some representation, since although a majority of children in America are biracial or various mixed backgrounds, most of the books published for them contain white main characters, making representation scarce. The art was the best part of this comic, it is vibrant and beautiful, particularly the different shades of green and the gold specks of magic. I would read this webcomic simply because of all the beautiful colours. Sadly those seem to be the only two reasons I have liked this comic, because it lacks in plot, and it did not create enough suspense for me, but others might find fun and quirky. I will give it more chances, just to see if she improves on the weak points. 




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