An Introduction to Slam Poetry

I have been listening to slam poetry for a few years now. The moment I listened, truly listened, to the first poem I was recommended by that YouTube feed, all I wanted to do was keep listening. I have to thank Roundhouse, Button Poetry, Write About Now and Youthspeaks, for being the main sources from which I get my daily dose of slam poems. 

Here is a list of my favourite poems, which I will update whenever I find a poem that has stayed with me in one form or another. 

  1. Crystal Valentine-“Crystal Gets Taken in for Interrogation after Assassinating Donald Trump”
  2. Javon Johnson – “The Shotgun”
  3. Alex Copeland & Jensen McRae – “Trumpets”
  4. Alex Dang – “Michael Derrick Hudson Changes His Name to Ngoc Tran”
  5. Marvin Hodges, Em Allison & Saidu Tejan-Thomas – “Da Rules”
  6. Clementine von Radics – “For Teenage Girls”
  7. A Muslim and Jewish girl
  8. Dominique Christina & Denice Frohman – “No Child Left Behind”
  9. Don’t be an Activist by Fong Tran and Chaz
  10. G. Yamazawa – “10 Things You Should Know About Being an Asian from the South”
  11. Tariq Luthun – “Mismarked”
  12. Olivia Fantini – “On Standardized Testing”
  13. Noel Quiñones & Jasmine Combs – “Never Forget”
  14. “Halloween”
  15. “Black College”
  16. Dear Young Man of Color
  17. Madi Mae – To Be Woman Is to Be Water
  18. Denice Frohman – “Borders”
  19. Suzi Q. Smith – “For Cedric”
  20. Chibbi – If I Were a Rich Gay
  21. Omar Holmon & Anthony Ragler – “Open Letter to Black People in Horror Movies”
  22. Megan Falley – “Fat Girl”
  23. Somali Poem
  24. Natalie Talson – Contradictions Taught By Mother
  25. Sierra DeMulder – “To Michelle Bachmann”
  26. Sierra DeMulder – “The Tampon Poem”
  27. Alex Dang – “What Kind of Asian Are You?”
  28. Denice Frohman – “Dear Straight People”
  29. Jesse Parent – “To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter”
  30. Just another towelhead: Hamda Yusuf at TEDxRainier
  31. TEDxToronto – Boonaa Mohammed “Kill Them With Love”
  32. Brenna Twohy – “Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them”
  33. “Fuck You, Old People”
  34. Melissa May – “Dear Ursula”
  35. Elliot Darrow – “God is Gay”
  36. BNV Finals: Denver Round Three
  37. BNV Finals: Denver Round Four
  38. Boko Haram Is Not Islam
  39. Javon Johnson – “cuz he’s black”
  40. America In 4 Minutes
  41. Floyd VB – High School
  42. Floyd VB – 10 Ways to Cope With Being Sorted Into Hufflepuff on Pottermore
  43. Usman Hameedi – “Poem Postmarked for the Middle East”
  44. Amir Safi – “Brown Boy. White House”
  45. Desireé Dallagiacomo & FreeQuency – “American Rape Culture”
  46. Ed Mabrey
  47. Jerri Hardesty
  48. Miss Hayes
  49. Rachel Carol
  50. Chris August
  51. Parents Are The Hardest People To Please
  52. I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate
  53. Why I Hate School But Love Education
  54. Dave McAlinden – “If I Was Your God”
  55. Omar Holmon “An Open Letter to Snapple”
  56. Name by Hiwot Adilow
  57. Dylan Garity – “To Governor Scott Walker”
  58. Denice Frohman – Accents
  59. Amir Safi- “Hijacked”
  60. Terrorism is not a Religion – Hersi
  61. Amir Safi – Thanksgiving
  62. Gabriel Green – “Ask a Black Dude”
  63. Crystal Valentine – “Black Privilege”
  64. Anthony McPherson – “All Lives Matter: 1800s Edition”
  65. When My Rapist Showed Up In “People You May Know”
  66. liberation – rupi kaur
  67. broken english – rupi kaur
  68. “Letter to my Future White Son”
  69. Sara Brickman – “Letter from the Water at Guantanamo Bay”
  70. “Why are Muslims So…”
  71. Problem with what’s taught in school
  72. Sebastien Wen – A Poem for Public Education
  73. Scout – To My Future Children
  74. Neiel Israel – “When a Black Man Walks”

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