Robin Hood: He Shot An Arrow Through My Heart | Series Review

★★★★★/★★★★★ Robin Hood created by Dominic Minghella and Foz Allan.

I was that kid that grew up with Arthurian legend, and old fairy-tales, and Robin Hood and his Merry Men, so of course I was going to love and adore and want to watch every single series that came out, luckily enough, this gem came to my life and made me cry and laugh and then cry more, it did not disappoint.

Robin: Will you tolerate this injustice? I, for one, will not!

No Robin, I will not, I will fight with you.


I would be lying if I said I did not want to be one of Robin Hoods men, particularly in this modernized version. Here we have Djaq, a Saracen brought to England as a slave, she disguises herself as her deceased brother as it is safer, she was a fighter of Saladin during the Crusades, and now she fights alongside Robin and his men she is also  knowledgeable on chemistry and medicine. We also have lovely Much, Robin’s best friend, and a previous servant, who followed him to the Holy Land, he is comedic relief as well as sad tears bringer. Will, he is very different to the usually hot-tempered character, here he is soft-spoken, Will and Djac are OTP of this series, besides Robin and Marian. Allan is a thief, a very authentic one, since he was stealing before joining the band, his plot-line is a roller-coaster of fun and sad. Little John is not little, he is hot-tempered and loyal, and does have a reason to say “a good day to die.” Marian is a good kick here, so much to learn about her, she is a firecracker that is not going to let anything stop her, except keeping her father safe. Robin is perfection, he is a little puppy that does not deserve all the bad going on. Then we get Guy, he is a dynamic anti-hero, I love his character. And lastly, the Sheriff, screw that guy, he is a very well developed villain, and still gives me chills, to this day I cannot separate the actor from the character, that is how believable he was.

Apart from the characters,we get Robin to realize certain things about the Crusades, and the people he had fought:

Robin: “For every man there is a purpose which he sets up in his life. Let yours be the doing of all good deeds.”That’s us, lads. (this is a translation of a Surah  2 from Al-Baqara)

Will: Is that the Bible?

Robin: It’s the Qur’an.

Will: What’s that?

Much: It’s the Turk Bible. He read it in the Holy Land.

Allan: Why?

Robin: I wanted to know what it was that we were fighting.

Djaq was lovely here, not because she was the only female Muslim outlaw, and a good one at that, but because she goes against all stereotypes, and kicks just as much butt as everyone else, and whenever someone tries to feminize her and she is not okay with it she spits back fire.

Allan: Let’s see you wear a dress.
Djaq: I will if you will.


Marian: What?

Robin: Nothing.

Marian: You were looking at me.

Robin: No! It’s just the way my eyes were pointing.


Okay I know this review makes no sense because I am using many images but I am fangirling constantly about this show. It is honestly a show that deals with many more important things, including race, religion, what is truly a hero and a villain, and what the limits of certain people is when regarding their loved ones, but I could not contain myself enough to explain all this in detail. 



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