Prometheus: Same Unanswered Amount of Questions as “Alien” | Film Review

★★★★/★★★★★ Prometheus Directed by Ridley Scott.

“The Titan Prometheus wanted to give mankind equal footing with the gods — for that he was cast from Olympus. Well, my friends, the time has finally come for his return.”

The Sacred Scrolls from the amazing Battlestar Galactica series say “Life here began out there.” If you look at it from a scientific perspective, it is quite plausible, and I want it to be so. After watching this movie, considering the aliens, or engineers, are not what we might wish, the nice guys, I still have the sense of wonder to discover creatures that might be our ancestors or simple creatures besides ourselves and our world. I blame the NASA-loving-science-fan in me for apparently being okay with discovering creatures that might possible lead us to our extinction. Sadly, the first two acts were slightly overshadow by the quite disappointing third act. 

This film follows an ensemble cast of Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Charlize Theron, and quite a few others. The crew of the ship called Prometheus are going to a planet where the two scientists believe the “Engineers,” aka creators of the human race, originated. It is a film that explores science, the possibility of life out there, the creation of the human race, with slight hints of evolution, and religion.

When they first arrive on the planet they see a desert, and they simply assume that since they can sense no life form, that the creators are not there. David replies by speaking to himself these words: “There is nothing in the desert, and no man needs nothing.

They all portrayed the characters very well, particularly Rapace and Fassbender. Yet, I did have a slight issue with who was the protagonist and who was the secondary character. I did not find it necessary to have Theron in the cover of my DVD since she was merely a side character, that added little to the actual plot when compared to the other two, she seemed more equal in importance to Elba’s character or Guy Pearce’s. 

By far the best part of the film were the incredible visuals. The imagery was fantastic, even the CGI, albeit obvious that was what it was, made the scenery much more beautiful.

David: Why do you think your people made me?
Charlie Holloway: We made you because we could.
David: Can you imagine how disappointing it would be for you to hear the same thing from your creator?

The score is fantastic for this film as well, well, it should, since it has one of Chopin’s pieces in it. It was composed by Marc Streitenfeld, who apparently did some weird recording thing with a live orchestra and all that jazz. Highly recommend to give it a listen

“A king has his reign, and then he dies. It’s inevitable”

Spoiler Part: Many of the characters were either stupid at times, or, they did  things that they should not have been able to do. Examples:

  •  The geologist, the one guy that made the maps used in their excavation, including simply going inside the cave, gets lost. If he was so dumb as to get lost in a place he sort of programmed, he should not have been chosen.
  • Elizabeth Shaw did a bunch of things after her surgery that required extreme amont of force, now, not only should she have been unable to do so since she was shown being in pain, but the procedure should have shown all the faults with such a performance done on the uterus.
  • The thing about the DNA bothered me, if the DNA is the exact same one, then we should be the same as them, but we are different. I am not sure if this was their attempt at evolution, but either way, the DNA should have changed, although some roots should have remained, but not the exact same.
  • Apparently, Charlie is an idiot, because he did not obviously see David putting his finger in his drink, they could have at least made it less obvious.
  • Shaw calls for a medical team once, since there were less than twenty people on the ship, I doubt there was an actual medical team, except that one lady. It just made no sense to say that.
  • Lastly, I did not really see much appeal in having Shaw pregnant, it seemed like a cheap cop-out and a bad attempt at connecting this film to a well known and loved franchise.  

Is this the ship from Firefly? It looks an awful lot like it. 


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