Star Wars: The Force Awakens | Film Review

★★★★★/★★★★★  Star Wars: The Force Awakens directed by J.J. Abrams.

“WHEN NAZI GERMANY WANTED THE WORLD”, is also an accurate title. 

The force literally awakens in this one, it woke me the hell up and erased the disappointment from the unspeakable prequels. 

Now that that is out of the way, I think this movie was brilliant, however, it was not without flaws, but it is obvious that these flaws do not weaken the film as much as it should have, making this episode a worthy one, a clear choice over Episodes I, II, and III. 

For a film that has so many action scenes, it never becomes boring to be in constant alert, in fact, I would have desired to have more. From land fights between the main characters, to aerial fights between the Resistance and the  First Order. When I saw Kick-Ass II, I grew extremely bored at the grossness and lacking fighting scenes, thank goodness this was not that pile of grass.  The scenery and creatures involved actually seem realistic enough so that we do not feel like pointing and calling them out for it being more CGI than anything else. Yes, there is CGI, but it does not solely rely on it, there are costumes and makeup, as well as diversity (racial and gender) ,that is not needed to add a green screen behind to make it more realistic. Some times less is more.  There is not much space to breathe through this film, which I appreciated because it reminded me of the original trilogy, where the characters develop at the same pace as the plot, rather than on the prequels, where it took forever for the characters to get a spine.  

This film was also extremely funny, most of the characters, Finn and BB-8, are the comedic members of the cast. I do not think I have laughed so much about natural comedy in a film since the last time I saw the original trilogy.  A few days ago I saw a film that used horrid one-liners and fart jokes as the main source of comedy, luckily this one deviated from it completely and went back to the trilogy. In the original we have Princess Leia and Han Solo constantly bantering at each other, but it flows natural, this is exactly what we get here, even the old and the new combined. It honestly felt like conversations one might have with another. Example: “We’ll Figure It Out. We’ll Use The Force.”…. “That’s Not How The Force Works!” Plus all the visual comedy, such as the raising of the chin!

Seeing the trailers, we know that the old characters come  back. We have Leia, Solo, and Luke, all of which are brought together with Rey, Finn, and Poe. It is obvious these new fellas will become the replacements for the old peeps, and a new continuation begins, and they are worthy of the place. Rey is such a powerful character that I actually believe she stole the entire show, and who will probably overtake over Leia’s previous role, but with more power. She is physically and emotionally strong, and brilliant, the only one that knows as much about hoe to fly the Falcon besides Han Solo. When we first meet her she is waiting for her family to return and retrieve her, and this leads to her not taking certain opportunities, but she does not remain like that much longer, she realizes who she is and what she can do, and proceeds to kick butt. Finn is the only moral equivalent to Han, he does not do things at the beginning because he is a hero, he does it so he can get away from the evil, without a care about who is left behind, then he recognizes who he is and what he can do, and finally stops running. Poe replaces Luke, he is the resistance fighter and best pilot, but he is not cocky about the skills, but rather confident on them, which helps him perform. I cannot say anything else, except that I adored them, and that they were easily the best part of the entire movie. 

Kylo Ren, who I see as the main villain,  is a morally grey character. There is no definite characteristic that divides him among the clearly defined lines of the franchise, the basic dark versus light and good versus evil. He is one of the best villains I have seen recently, because it is simple to say that a perfect villain is one that although we do not necessarily condone, we understand why they are doing what they are doing, and I clearly did with Kylo Ren. He is a deviation of Darth Vader, with understandable reasoning. 

And now to the parts I had some issues with:

  • Some scenes seemed unnecessary, it was almost as if the crew was trying to get the film to be two hours instead of making every piece as meaningful as possible. There were some unanswered questions, and the time used in this scenes could have been used not only to explain them, but to add more character depth and background.
  • There was also too much convenience. People did die, and made mistakes, yet,  it was unreliable when some characters that might have worked at, lets say sanitation, were able to know how to detonate important pieces on the new Death Star. Did I mention that we have a Death Star? We do, it is back, but bigger, kind of like Papa Death Star. 

This film should carry a sign called “Diversity Welcome,” since the two main characters are a woman and a black man. Yes, I know I am over-simplifying, but to be honest, it is nice to be back into the world I grew up with, and to have a character that represents me, much like Princesss Leia did once, and does here once more. And when I told my friend one of the main characters was black, she almost fell out of her chair of how shocked she was. Well, she did not almost fall, but she did look at me as if I were a liar. REPRESENTATION MATTERS PEOPLE! Plus many of the side characters were also people of colour, I am excited to see what other diversity will be brought forth in the incoming sequels.

I hope the force remains with me because my body is too ready for Episode VIII, but the bastard is not coming out for a very long while. 




Finn was a Stormtropper, that even as he was taken from his family and raised to follow his order to the absolute call, saw, on his first mission, the error of such ways and runs away. Is this going to become an exploration on moral compass? Or about brainwashing and if it can be reversed?  How manipulation is used most? I do not care as long as they find a way to expand on this. 

It is kind of idiotic to make a map of where you are hiding when you are trying to outrun the past. Luke! You semi-failed there!

The Force Awakens contains a lot of the plot points from A New Hope. There is the struggle between the Republic and a new version of the Empire, the death of the mentor of the protagonist (sort of twice), as well as the destruction of the Death Star, a hero related to the villain (either Solo/Leia and their son, or my very unfounded theory that Rey is Luke’s daugther). I loved every bit of it. 

Watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Spoiler Review by Chris Stuckmann. Because I agree with everything he said. 


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