The Ridiculous 6: The downfall of comedy | Film Review

½/★★★★★ The Ridiculous 6 by Adam Sandler, Frank Coraci, and Tim Herlihy. 

This will be a very detailed review, therefore it will be filled with spoilers, so continue reading if you 1)have no intention on ever seeing this film (you lucky bastard) and 2) have already seen it (my deepest condolences).

I did not watch Adam Sandler’s previous movie Pixels, because I heard and read all about the controversy, and of course I agreed with it, but after seeing this film on Netflix during a boring night after I finished finals, I thought why not give it a chance. I wish I could turn back time now and watch anything else, even watching the butchery that was The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones could provide better entertainment than this gag worthy film.  

So if these things I will list now are your thing, you might enjoy this pile of garbage: 

  1. If you enjoy toilet humour as the high of comedy, this is for you.
  2. If you find blatant racism funny instead of extremely offensive and derogatory, this is for you.
  3. If you enjoy the sexualization of women as a means to an ends for comedic relief, this films is for you. 
  4. If you find interesting a very good cast ensemble, but think it hilarious when the protagonists are ruined by horrid character development and dialogue, this film is for you. 

Let us start with the premise: it follows Adam Sandler’s character White Knife, whose real name is Tommy Stockburn. He is set to marry a native woman named Smoking Fox, and lives with a tribe of Apaches. He is soon found by his father, who gets kidnapped and he goes on a search to rescue him. He later on discovers he has 5 other half-brothers, forming a band named “The ridiculous 6.”  

My main issue with the film came from the blatant racism, which was apparently used as comedic relief. Sorry but this was a failure that managed to offend, not only Native Americas, but Mexicans, Chinese, black American, and even white American people.  The other big issue came from the instances of sexism, yes, apparently racism was not enough to make people disgusted laugh, hence offending an entire gender seemed like the stupid logical thing to do next. 

For starters, we have White Knife dressing at the beginning of the film as an Indian so he does not get “scalped.” Now considering that he was raised by Native Americans, it makes no sense whatsoever to have him use this as an excuse, when he could have simply just dress like that because it was more practical, instead of dehumanizing the tribe members by making them seem like savages.  I will not even dare compare it to black face, but it is as close as he could get in the film without there being a social outrage the size of the South American continent.

Now during this time and a few minutes after there are two signs that are clearly seen and even become the focus for a couple of seconds. These signs say: “Redskins Keep Out!” and “Maize munchers shot on sight,” I am very sure I do not need to explain why these terms are racist and unnecessary, but for those of you with doubts, they are, described as such even in the dictionary, and using them for comedic relief is a cheap move. Offenses towards the Apache tribe and other Native Americans does not stop here, when Smoking FoxWhite Knife’s to-be wife is first seen, a cowboy refers to her as “sweet piece of red prairie meat,” “Poca-hot-tits”, and a few minutes later as an  “Injun Whore.” Again, no need to explain these derogatory terms.

To top it all off, look at the names chosen for the native’s characters:  Beaver Breath, Wears No Bra, and Screaming Eagle. And once we get to meet these people, they are seen as savages, with even children wielding weapons, whenever a “white man” comes near. 

Then there is the portrayal of a half-Mexican man by a very non Mexican guy. Rob Schneider’s character, Ramon, is constantly using Spanish terms, which I actually enjoy, unless they are told by a non-Spanish speaker as a way to get laughs. At least if you are going to be offensive in such a way, have an actual half-white-half-Mexican person deliver the character and the lines, though good luck finding someone that would be okay with it. 

And then he moved on to the fictional inventor of baseball (who was not the actual inventor, but a guy that probably stole it), who  coins the term “Shortstop”  after mocking a Chinese man by calling him that, repeatedly. I rather believe that there was a more logical reason for such a term, than it being the formation of a racist white-man about a short Chinese man. 

And for a horrid ending, with a wedding, because Sandler never ends movies with a wedding, we encounter Vanilla Ice, yes, the rapper, portraying Mark Twain, badly dancing at the wedding, participating in a Native American group dance. Not only offensive to Natives once more, but to the ample white population, that can, not only dance, but also respect tradition and culture of other groups rather than their own. 

Another issue, was women depiction. As previously stated, the main female character, who is mostly just a side character with barely any lines, is named Smoking Fox. The first thing I thought of when I heard this was: Hot and Sexy Woman, as if women do not get enough of those two words called all the time (street harassment is a thing). The other character is Wears No Bra, as in, we see her very perk nipples when he calls her that. Apart from it being a very non-Native American name, it is extremely offensive, as she is also hyper-sexualized, trying to get into White Knife’s pants even though he is already set to marry Smoking Fox. Because women are only used as sex toys during the history of cinema. 

I know this was a lot of rambling, but that was the best I could do when I am so angry over what I saw. I enjoyed Grown Ups by Sandler before, I thought it was funny, this one is just plain offensive, and I have to say, the last film I will watch produced, directed, or starring Sandler. 

If Adam Sandler were not Jewish, Donald Trump would add this movie to his to-watch queue. 

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