Pacific Rim: Weird Aliens and Cool Robots Battle it out | Film Review


★★★★/★★★★★ Pacific Rim directed by Guillermo del Toro.


People are at war with a type of monsters that popped up from the bottom of the Pacific ocean through an interdimensionalportal, named Kaiju. Humans have created gigantic robots controlled by at least two pilots (and whose minds must be one, called drifting) in order to fight the creatures. Raleigh Becket, is a pilot and comes out of retirement when things get particularly ugly.

This is basically action-science-fiction, with the science fiction being limited to the futuristic look and the monsters from another dimension, and the rest of the movie about the fighting between Kaiju and Jaegers, with the occasional character development and relationship.

The Monsters, Robots and how they fight: 

These ugly things are fighting the cool robots from these countries that have managed to somehow keep refugees in, but the walls of cities, even Australia, are falling down, so they must try to get rid of the monster for ever, or humanity will perish.

When it comes to the fighting it was a bit boring sometimes, because it took too long, or not long enough, as well as the occasional unbelievable part. Yes, I am aware that this is not a real even, however there are things, that when done well can be believable. Sometimes the Jaegers picked things up and beat the Kaiju and you wonder why they didn’t pick it up in the first place, and killed the monster. Other times the monster came back up from something that one is sure it cannot come from.

Characters, their development, and relationships:

Mako’s story is so sad I want to cry, but I won’t, because I don’t want Mako to see me and feel disappointed. talking about a funky-lady that can kick anyone’s ass, including the main character. She is the daughter figure of Stacker Pentecost, who tries to protect her, as he knows she is yet not over what happened in her childhood, when the beast first came. She is also the only other compatible person with Raleigh, and together they become the best ass-kicking team. Now Raleigh also has a disturbing past, and is running from it as well, but he does not let it stop him from doing his job.

We have two sicentists,  Dr. Newton Geiszler  and  Dr. Hermann Gottlieb, with Geiszler interested in the biology and Gottlieb in the maths, “numbers are as close as we come to the handwriting of God.“  And they are constantly arguing, they are perfect.

 I ship them, they are such amazingly dynamic characters I want to cry. 

Just look at this shoe,look at it and what it represents.


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