Boys Over Flowers: where things don’t go as planned. | Series Review

★★★/★★★★★ Boys Over Flowers written by Yoon Ji-ryun and directed by Jeon Ki-sang based on manga series Boys Over Flowers by Yoko Kamio.

This is a modern re-telling of Cinderella, sort of. A poor schoolgirl saves someone and therefore gets into an exclusive school, where a group of four extremely rich, cute and pompous boys take an interest to her. And don’t worry, not all four fall for her, only two.

This was my first foray into K-drama, and thank goodness I did, otherwise I would not have appreciated the awesomeness that Korean drama is.


Characters: Geum Jan-di, a headstrong dry cleaner’s daughter, nut also kind of an idiot. Gu Jun-pyo, also the leader of the group, and an a-hole, controlling freak that is very problematic. Yoon Ji-hoo, supposed to be a musically talented sweetheart, but I did not like him at all, I do like him when he is in SS501, but that was as far as I got with him. So Yi-jung, aka The Casanova, a potter and whose family owns the biggest art museum of the country, he has issues. Song Woo-bin, considered to be a Don Juan, he constantly says “yo-yo-yo what’s up man,” and has connection in the mafia. Ga Eul, Jan-di’s best friend, who falls for Yi-jung after he helps her. Gu Jun-hee, Jun-pyo’s sister, and the main person in his family he cares for, and cares for him back. There are other characters but they have to be explored, particularly Jan-di’s family.


The main issue between the characters evolves from the bullying F4 puts on other students, which disheartening Jan-di form approaching them, until Jun-pyo starts falling for her. Now Jun-pyo has no idea how to deal with a crush, so he does the one logical thing left, he tries to get her with money, and hides his emotions, I don’t even think he knows what emotions are, that dork. Jan-di is not amused, because to her, family and friends are priorities, as well as her morals, and she is not looking to be bought. But he is so sweet later on, I ship them so hard. However, I completely disagree with the bullying they implemented on others, for that, I felt disgust for them at the beginning of the show.

Now the bromance, yes bromance. These four imbeciles love each other to extremes  and I loved that. But the relationship will be tested later on, and sides will be drawn, but in the end their love will reunite them.

Boys Over Flowers uses every single romantic comedy device ever, and it was hilarious. It has kidnappings, engagements, near-drowning experiences, evil villains that make no sense,  and amnesia. And all I wanted to do was laugh and laugh, with the occasional punching of the wall since the feminist in me could not take it.

Sountrack: I love it, we have even singing from Lee Min-ho. I highly recommend this soundtrack, even songs from SS501, and they are awesome. You have got to listen to SS501!!!


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