A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, and why no one should walk home alone at midnight when vampires are rampant | Film Review

★★★/★★★★★ A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night directed by Ana Lily Amirpour.

This film is considered  a horror romance, and I have no idea how they got this idea. Well, I sort of do, two people appear to like each other, somehow, not sure how or why. It is the story of a girl vampire that is the epitome of the “I’m so done with your bull” face, and a boy who is basically an Iranian version of James Dean, whose father is an addict. Their lives supposedly parallel and slowly start drifting into each other.

The movie seems like it was filmed with a budget of less than 10 dollars and thrift store clothes, yet it is beautiful and impactful. Is it noir? Ehhh, nope.

I did however appreciate the subtle feminist undertones, such as her using her “abilities” to prey on those that had mistreated women. In a city named “Bad City,” yes that is the literal title, we get bad form all shades, from rapists, to drug dealers, to robbers, and of course, the misogynistic pigs that want to get the sex without putting much out there but money and when they can’t get it either way, they drug the prostitutes. Screw them!!! Thank you “the Girl” for what you did in this film with those pigs. Yet we don’t get any true background as to why she “prefers” these men or anything at all about who she was before she became what she is or if he always was that, which made the film not as gratifying.

I did not feel much at all for the characters, except the prostitute she seemed the most “human,” everyone else was blah.  And Arash is supposed to be the Iranian James Dean or something? I was so confused because he was attractive and all, but his sustenance was lacking, mostly coming from his father’s addiction, and that is it, it is not even explored that well.

“I can take your eyes out of your skull and give them to the dogs to eat……Till the end of your life, I will be watching you.” 

I have no idea why she said this to a kid, but maybe she was convincing him that he should never become like the other people in the city.

You gonna watch it or what???!!!


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