Terra Nova, the one that ended too soon | Series Review

★★★★★/★★★★★ Terra Nova produced by Steven Spielberg.

Why did this show get cancelled? It is just like Firefly, I am never going to get over it. NEVER.

The series starts in the year 2149. Earth is at the end of its ropes, there is overpopulation, polluted air, and diminishing resources. Then scientist discover a temporal rift into a parallel time stream that is 85 million years in the past, resembling the Cretaceous Period. The series then is based mostly off the Shannon family, Jim and Elizabeth, and their three children, Maddy, Josh, and Zoe; even though Zoe was born illegally as there is population control. Anyways, they find themselves in the colony made after the discovery seven years ago, named Terra Nova (new earth). We also got a group that is no longer in the colony for reason we figure out later on, known as “Sixers.”

Characters: They are well-developed, even thought they barely got thirteen episodes to settle everything, which is why there is a lot lacking still, gimmeeeee moooorreeeeee…….

  • The Shannon Family: James “Jim” Shannon(a former detective, who was imprisoned for having a third child,he saves the leader of the colony and becomes the new sheriff in town)Dr. Elisabeth Shannon(chief medical officer and trauma surgeon) and The Children: Josh(17)(resentful of having to leave his girlfriend behind in 2149) Maddy(16) ( very bright) and Zoë (5), (who was kept hidden for the beginning of her life). The family just wants a new beginning, to be able to move on from what was left behind, because these parents do want what is best for their children.
  • Commander Nathaniel Taylor: leader and builder of the community. He was the first sent to the new world and he survived to prove that the rest of humanity could as well. He also fought in wars back in the “real” earth, and there is much hidden there.
  • Lieutenant  Alicia “Wash” Washington, the second-in-command who had served the commander before. She is awesome, I love her, and I feel like we needed more of her.
  • Mira: the leader of the “Sixers”, who has a very important reason for doing what she is doing back in 2149. She is an amazing anti-hero I would say, not really an antagonist but not a hero either, she is complex, we get to see her bad and her good side, and how often she might choose which is best suited for the situation.
  • Skye: adoptee of Commander Taylor, as her parents are gone from a virus, she develops feelings for Josh and vice versa, but there is much more that meets the eye with her.
  • Dr. Malcolm Wallace: chief science officer, and ex-boyfriend of Elizabeth, who he so happens to still have feelings for, as well as being the one that recommended her to be commissioned for Terra Nova.
  • Lucas Taylor: vengeful son of Nathaniel Taylor, a brilliant man who is the main antagonist, and whose father’s past has affected how he behaves and sees the world.

Now let us talk humanity versus industry: So this is basically a big middle finger to corporations. The main plot surrounds the big bosses in 2149 wanting to use the resources to become even richer and better off, and the people in Terra Nova just wanting to survive and get a fresh start. Yet the corporations are not interested in letting them be in peace, but only on what they can get from them to maintain a high standing in the current time stream. It is contrast between a materialistic society and a simple one. Very well done.

The one issue I had with the program was the lack of feeling of being 85 million years into the past. It is not about CGI, but something is missing that does not lead me to fully believe they are in an alien world. It is a beautiful world, all green and sunny, but I needed more of what we got on the first episode. In it we have them seeing the world for the first time, even the small detail of them not being able to breathe properly because there was too much oxygen in the air, as well as Josh not knowing how to eat fruit, or how they have to drink a disgusting mix until their stomachs get used to actual food; but later on we only get small things, like the colour yellow being different, and that is as far as it goes, it was missing this factor in all later episodes.



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